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About Me

Juliet Diaz is a Bruja, Seer, and Spiritual activist. She's an Indigenous Taino Cubana from a long line of curanderos (Healers) and Brujas on both sides of her parents' lineages. She believes Magic lives within us all and feels passionately about inspiring others to step into their truth and waking to their remembrance. Juliet has devoted her life to helping people come back to their Divine Self and liberate themselves from the oppressor within and without. She's the creator of Love Juliet & Co, her brand and online membership community.


Juliet has a Master's of Science in Herbal Medicine as well as countless certifications in an array of healing modalities. She has been featured in major publications like Oprah Magazine, National Geographic, The Atlantic, Wired, and Refinery, to name a few.


She is the author of the bestselling book Witchery: Embrace the Witch Within (which has sold to over eight countries) and #1 new release Plant Witchery. Her third book and most important book yet, The Altar Within releases 1/11/22. 

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Welcome beautiful SOUL! I'm grateful for your presence here, knowing that Spirit led you to my work. For a long time, I've kept my healing and channeling gifts from the public, as a born Seer, there are concerns on how people will portray and or treat you. However, my life has proven to be one of acceptance and love from the many lives I've guided, healed, and transformed. 

I believe in the power of truth and accepting your Sacred path gifted to you by Divinity.  I'm of service to you in guiding you in finding yourself, your voice, Magic, and Inner Power and connecting you to your Guides, Ancestors, and Purpose. 

I combine my gifts as a Seer, Channel, and Psychic Medium with the ancient wisdom that flows through my bones and blood. Teachings from my Elders passed down through generations of Healers, Medicine Women/Men, Seers, Brujas, within my family lineage, to help you come back home to self. Back to your roots where your truth lives. 

Please take a look at my books, events, and offerings. In the future, when the pandemic is over, I will have more services and services in person. Take a look around, and hopefully, I will get to meet you soon virtually! 

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