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About Me

Juliet Diaz is an Indigenous Taino & Afro Caribbean Cubana from a long line of brujx, medicine people, and seers. Juliet is a spiritual, literary activist, and award-winning bestselling author. 


Juliet believes that change starts from within us. 


"We can't expect to see real positive change in the world if we don't do the work within ourselves. The oppressor lives in us, and without decolonial work, deep healing, and connecting to our truth and Spirit, we will continue to repeat history."  


Juliet is also the founder of Spirit Bound Press and represents the Indigenous Caribbean people with the Indigenous People's Movement, a global coalition bringing awareness on issues affecting indigenous peoples and the planet. 


She has been featured in major publications like Oprah Magazine, The Atlantic, Wired, People Espanol, Mind Body Green, and Refinery, to name a few. And was awarded outstanding author of the year, outstanding book of the year, and outstanding deck of the year by the 2022 Witchies, Witchcraft, and Occult Media Awards. 


Her works include Witchery: Embrace the Witch Within, Plant Witchery, The Altar Within, and decks. 

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In her third and most important work, Juliet Diaz, the bestselling author of Witchery, offers an approach to Magic, spirituality, and healing like no other and takes readers through the deep work of decolonizing their spirituality.

The Altar Within: A Radical Devotional to Liberate the Divine Self is a work of spiritual revolution for all peoples, offering them practices and rituals in the arts of self-worship, self-discovery, and self-activism. The Altar Within is like no other approach to Spirituality, breaking through the vicious cycles of harmful and toxic spiritual practices and beliefs. Diaz speaks for those victimized and enslaved by colonization and offers a new take on personal development based in the resounding plea of our ancestors to live our Divined lives, the ones they could not have for themselves.

Pushing back on #lightandlove and #goodvibesonly, Diaz dismantles the wellness industry, releasing readers from the practice of spiritual bypassing into a far more powerful experience of self, healing, hope, and Spirit. This book is for anyone, including those who can't afford to buy all the tools, pay for the expensive memberships, people who have real-life issues, illnesses, and hardships. Through The Altar Within, Diaz brings the Magic to real life, acknowledging our humanness by connecting with our Spirit. 

The Altar Within will help readers create success in every area of their lives—from wealth, health, relationships, and personal development, to the nourishment of their relationship with the Divine self. As Diaz explains, when we can finally decolonize our spiritual beliefs, Divinity can be a super force in our lives, making us whole, stronger, wiser, and setting us on a path of transcendent activism. #magicalaf

In this life-changing work, Juliet offers readers a collection of rituals, ceremonies, meditations, daily exercises, journaling, and subconscious and mindset techniques to take their spiritual and magical practice to the next level, healing deep trauma and finally living their Divine lives.

Bonus Gifts: Your copy of The Altar Within comes with a very special gift for readers. Look inside for a QR-Code that leads you to a magcial space full of bonus content created just for the book. You can expect mini courses, video tutorials, downloadable worksheets, journaling prompts, meditations, workbooks, and more!